Guzel is a self-taught artist who travelled and worked in design industry across the globe from Azerbaijan to Vietnam and now calls Toronto, Ontario her home.

Her art is an expression of her personality, ever inquisitive, ever evolving and full of awe. Guzel creates her art taking a lot of inspiration from the wonderment of life around her. Her paintings capture the innocence of child and a mystical aspect of the dream world, while portraying a complex terrain of the natural world around her. Each painting starts with a concept or a feeling. Like a book, she lets each character reveal itself; responding to the image as it changes and evolves in her mind and on the canvas.

Guzel's freedom of style is an expression of fluidity in her outlook and the way she interprets and expresses what she experiences. Femininity and masculinity, reality and magic, bloom in colour, texture and shapes on her canvases.

Her artwork authentically and clearly sends a message of empowerment and strength, simultaneously hinting at something hidden, under the surface of her art. With each painting, Guzel portrays a vulnerability and fragility of beauty in her inner world, an innate wholeness that can touch everyone who comes into contact with her and these inspiring images.